20 July, 2014, 14:25
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so many books and the content is only really understood through experience .. yet books help to understand the experience

17 July, 2014, 21:27
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solution is found in the cause
revolution is not simply economic in nature
it is equally political
and spiritual, philosophical
and cultural

don’t void the actions of others
according to your ideals of revolution
what are you fighting for?
a solely economic revolution is not revolution
but evolution:
a nation of westernised africans
with good economy
we won’t even need an oppressor
we’d oppress ourselves


like the good ol’ days

15 May, 2014, 00:30
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the division among africa’s children is bigger than the atlantic.
the perimeters of colonial borders pull us closer to the prisons in our minds
in which monotonous drivel of colonial tongue bounce back and forth
and i’m tongue-tied
tied to this tongue
chained to this prison
of limited philosophy
and yet i see the sun
shining on my skin,
doesn’t quite blend with these prison walls
and the springs on my head will not allow this constriction
and the walls of this prison will crumble down
by the strength of my essence
the accumulation of essences
of the mentally castrated
we will destroy this prison!

if only you could stop looking at these walls

26 March, 2014, 00:25
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The awakening process has had a beautiful subconscious effect on my interpretation of life. Everything is now related to Africa, its redevelopment, and also its suffering, its children and their history of both glory and downfall… It’s a great comfort, the sense of finally belonging. I am a child of Afrika.


credit unknown - apologies and regards to the artist.

“Ignorance of Convenience”
19 March, 2014, 18:49
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I, like many, want ‘world peace’, but achieving this is more than getting high and making peace signs. It’s the aftermath of justice. For any hint of justice, we must be aware of the current injustice: poverty. This alone has a long history which must be understood before any solutions can be made. Poverty is prevalent in the ‘third world’, a part of the world pompously labelled as such due to level of development. The development in these areas is kept low for a number of reasons: corrupt leaders, religion, disease, racism… these are the continued legacies of colonialism. By ignoring these issues that may not affect your ‘first world’ life, especially as a descendant of these impoverished lands, you are contributing to an indirect, self-sustained form of colonialism – neocolonialism.

A solution for all: decolonisation.

You are not contributing to the prospect of ‘world peace’ by donating a bit of money to third world charities. You are simply postponing issues. It is like taking paracetamol for a headache: this only removes symptoms, which will reoccur once the paracetamol has worn off. The cause of the headache must be resolved.

University of Timbuktu, Mali – the first university.

Through ignorance (or I daresay –  plagiarism) of our ancestors’ already flourishing theology, philosophy, scientific knowledge, languages, cultural practices, architecture, technology, our ancestors were labelled savage, uneducated, immoral, ‘pagan’ by the colonising Europeans who arrogantly believed that their societies were the most civil, and thus forced their idea of civilisation onto our people through their modified sexist and racist Catholicism, biological and armed warfare, and through brainwashing following generations with racial hierarchy.

Passages used by Europeans to mentally enslave our ancestors.


European ideals were set as the standards of aristocracy, while our ancestors were pushed to the bottom of this new society on their own lands, to the point where they became a pure commodity, stolen and transported to other lands and subject to robotic labour and inhumane conditions.

Today, Africa is a broken and looted land where dark shades of skin are despised, African ‘spirituality’ is perceived as demonic, European languages are the official languages, wars are developed between parties of different colonial religions, and where, leaders who attempt to establish a system  which removes all forms of colonialism are condemned and/or murdered.

Children of motherland Africa spread across the ‘new world’ continents are so deep in the European colonial system that they think in the same ignorant manner as the imperialist Europeans that created and maintain the system, so much that they reject any mention of Africa as part of their identity. They ignore the broken state of Africa, as though they bore no relation to its people. They consider Africa the land of the  ‘savage’, ‘uneducated’, ‘immoral’, ‘pagan’ or simply ‘impoverished’, because they are so deep in the European colonial system, that they know nothing of their ancestral history.

Anansi, popular in Jamaican culture – of West African origin.

Conga/Bongo – essence of Cuban salsa.

They may live in a nation where the music, dance, dialect, food and cultural customs had been taken there and developed by our enslaved ancestors, yet they know nothing of their ancestral history.

Is it simply enough to be ‘black’, or even worse, a colonial nationality, when the nation in which you live was founded on the basis of racial hierarchy? Is it enough to assimilate (‘integrate’) into these systems, when you will only ever be acknowledged by the shade of your skin? Interracial relationships are, for the most part, based on fetish. Profiles are presumed on the basis of skin colour. Even acceptance into university is a decision based on your skin.

Power to… to whom?

Integration into colonial nations will not create equality, if the nation is founded on racial inequality! Assimilation is not equality, for assimilation in a society based on racial hierarchy is to reach the top of the hierarchy! There cannot be equality where there is a hierarchy – somebody has to be at the top. You, as a child of Africa, can live under the illusion of equality of communism, feminism, ‘peace and love’, but it is only an illusion, for somewhere in the ‘third world’ is a people, your people, being exploited to fund this illusion. You may feel like you have a conscience, but you are just as colonised as the black woman who bleaches her skin to be white, as he who holds ignorant and racist perceptions of African people, or as the African leader who continues to force European ideals on his people, while funding the colonial leeches with free African resources.


Acceptance of African ethnicity is not a decision to be mocked, nor belittled to the comical label of ‘freedom fighter’. It took our brothers and sisters Malcolm X, Walter Rodney, Assata Shakur, and several others spreading the message of ‘black power’ as opposed to ‘assimilation’ (white power) just for us in the diaspora to stop being publicly lynched. Ignoring crisis in Africa and furthermore any connection to Africa is a stab in the back of those who fought for our rights.

7 February, 2014, 15:37
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“reverse racism” is just a taste of one’s own medicine (or rather poison). you create the idea of “race” to feel superior and as a way to identify an entire group of groups of individual people as of lower rank (or subhuman). now these people who have been seen as subhuman for the past 500 years or so revolt against the self-proclaimed “superior race” and are attacked by this “superior race” for only seeing the skin colour of these people who initially made the cut-off lines between a gradient scale of one colour (brown/melanin). i, for one, would love to see us all as “the human race” but it’s near impossible in this “new world” that’s been founded on the idea of race and its hierachy.

Bilingual books (parallel text) scans
6 August, 2012, 17:22
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I said I would scan the books I get from the library. Well, it’s very tedious to scan! So I will upload one each day.

1. 狐のお話し [kitsune no o-hanashi] (Fox’s Fables) [Japanese->English]

This consists of two fables: The Fox and the Crane; The King of the Forest.

download link

2. यए थिन [ye shin] (Yeh Hsien) [Hindi->English]

Cinderella derives from this old Chinese folk tale.

download link

3. 여우 우화 [yeowoo woohwa] (Fox Fables) [Korean->English]

The same story as number 1 :)

download link

4. 旋轉的頭巾 [xuan2 zhuan3 de tou2 jin1] (The Swirling Hijaab) [Traditional Chinese - Mandarin->English]

I don’t know if this story is sensible lol.

download link


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